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KOZHIKODE: Close on the heels of restricting entry of women into the chamber of the vice chancellor, Calicut University has now decided to provide spy cameras to its security staff to crack down on protestors. An official demand for.

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A MAN of previous good character “spied” on a young woman in private situations for his own sexual gratification, a court heard. David Kirk covertly filmed the woman naked and in various other states of undress in her bedroom and while.

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The pervert’s game was over after one of the women found a pen-shaped spy camera while bathing in the man’s house in Sibu, Sarawak during a group holiday in December 2014. She found it odd that the black pen would be placed inside a.

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A dentist who hid a pen camera in a changing room to film two women getting undressed has been suspended. Caught: Warren Gater used a ‘spy camera’ pen similar to the one above to film two young women undressing 32-year-old.

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We’ve all seen spy camera pens, but a spy cam masquerading as a coat rack is a lot more unusual. If you’re trying to keep an eye on someone who already suspects they are being surveilled, an unexpected hidden camera location can.

This spy camera is nestled into the body of an unassuming pen. It comes in two versions: the pen alone, or the pen with an 8GB card. You can create AVI videos of meetings, conversations, or classes. A pen is totally unobtrusive, and only.

Pens come in all shapes, sizes and styles but many of us often fall into the trap of grabbing the nearest biro instead of choosing a pen to last. Add to that the increasing use of smartphones, tablets and computers from an.

For photographers around the world, the search for the best camera bags seems like a never-ending conquest. If there’s one thing for sure when

Ok I’ll start by saying I’ve been using iPhones since the 3G and have owned the 3GS, 4 and currently use the 4S I was a bit excited about the release of the iPh

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 31, 2016 ) Geneva, Illinois — At a recent press conference held at SpyCrushers headquarters in Geneva, IL, Ryan Anderson, president of SpyCrushers announce the Amazon launch of the company’s new HD spy.

Following the spy button camera that just came out last week, a USB necktie with a built-in camera and a camera watch, Tokyo-based gadget maker is now offering a pen with an integrated micro camera [JP]. The so-called Super Slim.

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Police in Nagano Prefecture said Thursday they have arrested a 28-year-old elementary school teacher for allegedly using a spy camera to film up the skirts of high school girls in a convenience store. According to police, the suspect,

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Iphone 4 Camera Blurry Mar 11, 2013. I love taking intentionally blurry photos with my DSLR, like in this post, but assumed that. I'm falling even deeper in love with my iphone camera. Apparently this is a feature on the iPhone 4 too…so if

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When he plugged it into a computer he saw the pen was actually a video camera. Spy cameras, like cellphones and weapons, are contraband in prison. Jones gave it to his supervisors, whose investigation showed that a maintenance.

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BERLIN — With my trench coat and dark glasses, I looked like a rumpled, portly version of Jason Bourne or James Bond as I stood by the Glienicke Bridge between Berlin and Potsdam, famed as the transfer point for captured spies.

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As far as we can tell, it makes him unique on Parliament Hill. It’s a pen. But it’s also a tiny video camera, commonly called a spy pen or camera pen. "I have it with me at all times, so it’s not just on Parliament Hill. And particularly after.

Geneva, IL — (SBWIRE) — 09/29/2016 — SpyCrushers rep releases reviews from their Amazon customers for their SpyCrushers Pro Series 720p HD Spy Pen Camera. At a recent press conference held at Spycrushers headquarters in.

James Pirc, who is reportedly the vice president of Bristol & Company, S.C., is accused of using a camera pen to peep.

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Sturdy Digital Camera A common problem that many new camera owners face is ‘camera shake’ where images seem blurry. Some simple lessons on how to hold a camera can fix this issue quickly. Google has previously used a tricycle-mounted camera to shoot inside

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